New HYT Earset On

Just added to Theradiofreq – HYT Earset with in-line microphone
For TC-500, TC-600, TC2108, TC2110, TC1600


New Vertex Antenna On

Vertex UHF Stubby Antenna 450-490MHz (ATU-16DS) for the VX-450 series Radios –

Power Products Batteries Now Available on is proud to offer aftermarket batteries from PowerProducts.
Power Products batteries enjoy a well earned reputation for performance and durability. That’s because they incorporate features like matched cells from top Japanese manufacturers, gold plated contacts, premium ABS housings, and nickel plated tabs. These batteries can be counted on to power your radio under the most demanding field conditions.

Power Product Page on

New Vertex Radio Model Available

The Vertex VX-450 series radios are now available on

The VX-450 Series portables are available in three levels: VX-451 with no display and only side keys, and the VX-354 with an eight character alphanumeric display and four programmable keys on the front, and the VX-459 with a full DTMF Keypad and 8 character Display.

* 512 Channels and 32 Groups (w/LCD) or 32 Channels and 2 Groups(VX-451)
* 5 Watts
* VHF: 134 – 174 MHz
* UHF: 450 – 512 MHz
* 9 Programmable Keys (VX-459)
* 7 Programmable Keys (VX-454)
* 3 Programmable Keys (VX-451
* 8-Character alphanumeric Display (VX-459, VX-454)
* 700 mW audio Output

DVR Flashlight added to

TheRadioFreq is proud to add the Abbott SV-1500 Personal Digital Video Recorder and Flashlight. This great flashlight/Camera/DVR combo allow the user to record on easy to access video anything seen with the flashlight. Read all about this great new item

Battery Pages Added to now has  a series of pages just for the batteries for most popular radio models. We will be adding aftermarket batteries for even more two-way radio models  in the next few weeks at TheRadioFreq battery page.

Impact Radio Accessories added to

We have added headsets, surveillance kits, and remote speaker microphones from Impact to

We have two different types of accessories from Impact:

A quick disconnect series that allows for quick and easy attaching and detaching of an accessory without detaching an adapter from the radio. This allows users with multiple radio models to have interchangeable headsets/mics between users with just the purchase of additional adapters.

The Gold series from Impact uses their exclusive Snaptight™ connection to give you the option of 12 different interchangeable earpieces. This array of different earpieces allows for the ultimate in hygiene and versatility.